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Young Environmentalists Learning to Lead our Planet  

YELLP was originally created by youngsters who are concerned about our planet and its environment. Their goal was to create a place where other young people from all parts of the planet can come to share their experiences about how the earth is becoming more and more polluted every day with the hope is that young people will take action to protect the earth's resources and stop pollution as they learn more about the condition of our planet's environment from other young people. Today  YELLP has grown into a webite about more than the environment, to include other issues that impact young people direclty, like toxic chemicals in our everyday environment, genetically modified foods in our diet, and what we can all do about it. Please browse thorugh our site and find out things they aren't teaching you in high school health class, what you should do to protect your body and mind, and how you can "stick it to the man" who is feeding toxic chemicals to us everyday without ever having to inform us. Enter your vote, submit an article, email us your ideas...we would love to post anything that adds compelling content to YELLP. 


As youths, the worst threat to our health is:

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